HP since its advent has offered complete solutions to their customers. Not only these solutions were far ahead than what could the competition could offer but also relatively affordable as compared to the competition`s offering.

HP since then has maintained its stature and even now, all the high tech laptops that it produces arent only better in functionality than their counterparts but are also comparatively very reasonably priced.

HP laptops are currently the main deal in the market. These laptops apart from their superior functionality and affordability offer one other thing that no one in the market could match I.e. HP`s reliability and convenience.

HP laptops are divided into various series, where laptops from each series excel in either one domain or another. Few of the series into which HP laptops are divided are:


These laptops are made by HP to fulfill the routine tasks that the user faces such as listening to music, general office work, streaming videos etc.


These laptops are the perfect merger of design, durability, specifications, display and most importantly price.


These laptops are one of the slimmest HP laptops, yet their design has got nothing to do with their performance. Entailing the best features of the market, a laptop from HP`s Spectre series is a must buy for all the performance fanatics in the market.

These series and many others make up the collection of HP laptops at www.misaq.pk Feel free to browse our arsenal of HP laptops and purchase the one according to your needs.

HP LP3065

HP LP3065

Stop your co-workers in their tracks with the stunning new 30-inch diagonal HP LP3065 Flat Panel ..

12,000 Ex Tax: 12,000

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